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Avatavi x Avatar.One

Avatar.One has partnered with AVATAVI to fully unleash the potential of their next-generation avatars in experiencing the real world together. Users can create their unique avatar on Avatar.One avatar, download the .VRM file and upload it to the AVATAVI app. From the AVATAVI app users can experience their unique avatar on their phone in Augmented Reality (AR) while exploring the world around them. There is the option to upload several avatars to AVATAVI so the user can choose the one that suits their mood and environment the best. To get your exclusive avatar for use in AVATAVI click "GET EARLY ACCESS" button and be ready to create your unique avatars when Avatar.One launches soon.
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About Avatavi

AVATAVI is an AR application that allows you to create your own miniature avatar or upload your favorite character and bring them into the real world to embark on adventures together. With AVATAVI, you can use the move cursor to guide your avatar, choose from six types of default motions such as dances and poses, and adjust its size. More animations and cool poses are available to trade for points. You can even take photos and videos with your avatar to capture your precious memories, and share them with all your friends and followers. Don’t miss out on AVATAVI, where your Avatar.One avatars can jump from your phone to the real world and take your imagination to the next level!
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