Earn πŸ’΅ rewards with your Avatar.One Sparks via Matrix One

True ownership of your πŸ’ƒ companion as Avatar.One integrates with Matrix One.🌟

πŸš€ Greetings! πŸš€


We are thrilled to announce a transformative development in your companion experience with Avatar.One. We’re working on integrating technology that will deliver you a more immersive and improved chat experience, enable you to own your companion forever, and reward you for publishing her for others to also experience (if you so choose).

Our platform is currently being re-engineered and will soon integrate seamlessly with Matrix One, a state-of-the-art decentralized AI Character platform. This integration marks a significant milestone in our quest to offer the most human-like AI girlfriend chatbot experience, enhanced by top-tier 3D and AI technologies.

This integration will lead to huge improvements in your experience with your companion, including human-like 3D and chat responses. Check the Matrix One trailer below.

✨ What does this mean? ✨

Matrix One is a technology platform bringing together 1000’s of creators to develop the most advanced tools and models to create Human-like AI characters. As a user of Avatar.One, you will benefit in numerous ways:

  1. Own Your AI Companion: With Matrix One’s decentralized technology, your relationship and memories are permanently yours. Each character will be stored on the blockchain. This personalization extends the value of your interactions and ensures they are uniquely yours, forever.
  1. You will be rewarded for your Sparks: Engage with Avatar.One through conversations, customizations, or community activities, and earn Sparks. We plan to allow you to use your Sparks to unlock exclusive features on Avatar.One.
  1. Sparks to Neos: With every Spark you earn on Avatar.One you will also earn points on Matrix One. With these points, you will be eligible to receive exclusive rewards and access to the technology and community.

Read more about this in the Matrix One docs here.

Or check out the Matrix.One website here.


πŸ“’ Join the Evolution

This is just the beginning of our journey to redefine digital companionship. By joining Avatar.One, you are not just a participant but a co-creator in this exciting new landscape. Start your experience today, earn Sparks, collect Neos, and play a pivotal role in our growing ecosystem.

Get Started Now!

Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to building incredible digital memories together. Look out for us on Reddit, Discord, Twitter & Instagram.

Warm regards,

The Avatar.One Team


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