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Avatar.One Brand name

Use Avatar.One across your communication. Capitalize the first A and O and include the dot (.) mark between the Avatar and One.

Avatar.One Short Bio

Make your own dream AI girlfriend in immersive 3D

Avatar.One About text

Avatar.One's mission is to deliver you the most human-like AI girlfriend chatbot experience possible, by using the most cutting-edge 3D and AI technologies.

Our advanced avatar maker allows for 1000's of possible variations and even live voice. Define the personality and then chat, flirt or roleplay. Receive selfies and videos from your AI girlfriend. Every avatar is fully animated in immersive 3D. Add memories with your chatbot and enrich your relationship. Chat for free.

Avatar.One is supported by over 27 leading investors in AI and the immersive internet.

Logos and Icons

Find below our logos and icons to download for your use.

white logo transparent background
use this logo on dark backgrounds
white icon transparent background
use this icon on dark backgrounds
blue logo transparent background
use ths logo on light backgrounds
blue icon transparent background
use this icon on dark backgrounds
white logo
gradiant background
use this logo as a banner
whie icon
gradiant background
use this icon as our main icon

Color Palette

Find below our color palette for your use.

primary blue
HEX: #4C73F6
secondary purple
HEX: #631EDC
background black
HEX: #1E1E1E
text white

Social Media Posts

Use these posts across social media

1080 x 1920 png
1920 x 1080 png
1000 x 1000 png


Use these banners on your website, newsletter or ads

300 x 600px
300 x 250px
728 x 90px
468 x 60px
160 x 600px

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